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The Queens Croquet-Ground

$ 135.00
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"The Queen's Croquet-Ground" by Scott Gustafson

Signed Limited Edition Lithograph, Unframed
Image Size: 14.25 X 17
Edition Size: 950

Alice in Wonderland may have been intended for children," Scott says, "but it's adults who get the most out of it. Only seasoned minds can truly appreciate the witty word play and leaps of logic." The artist vividly brings to life the book's memorable croquet game, in which flamingoes are the mallets, hedgehogs the balls and playing-card soldiers the wickets. Alice aficionados take note: the White Rabbit's tunic bears a crest featuring a lion and a dodo bird. "Dodo" was a term of endearment used for author Charles Dodgson by his little friends.

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