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Mary Mary Quite Contrary

$ 125.00
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"Mary Mary Quite Contrary" by Scott Gustafson

Signed Limited Edition Lithograph, Unframed
Image Size: 14.25 X 17
Edition Size: 950

Can you find all the hidden references to this lovely old nursery rhyme? Scott says that the lively looking daisies are the "pretty maids all in a row." The seashells bordering the flowerbed in the background are "cockle shells." And the silver bells? "When I was a kid," Scott says, "I always called lily of the valley "silver bells" because of their bell-shaped blooms, so I've "planted" a few of them at Mary's feet." It would be quite contrary for roses, tulips, and marigold to be anything less than beautiful and the colors of these are simply exquisite.

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